Subject to the respect of the modalities by the present agreement, the client retains the services of 9274588 Canada Inc, on a non-exclusive basis, for online and offline support for the managers and/or sales representatives taking the Leadership Accelerator Program for the following services:


  1. Webinar – 1 hour ‘’Accelerate your success by becoming a better leader’’
  2. Group coaching

A group coaching session every 6 week on the following dimensions:

–          Self-Empowerment

–          Self motivation and of others

–          Communication

–          Authenticity

–          Emotional Intelligence

–          BONUS – Self-alignment and of your business following the C-FAME Strategic Managing Model.


  1. Online learning: C-FAME Academy, Leadership Quick Fix™- Mindset

–          Online learning program including 5 modules containing 3 themes each (1st, 2nd and 3rd week)

–          One week of synthesis to integrate, practice and validate (4th week)

–          To maximise results, the programme staggered over 30 weeks. However, the client will have a year to complete it.

–          Unlimited access for a year to online learning capsules of 15 to 30 minutes each.

–          Activities and concrete techniques for you and your team.


  1. Online community: Private Facebook page

– 1-year access to learn from peers, get answers to your questions, assist to Facebook lives with Nathalie Charette, her team and experts.

– Learning system and continuous sharing – Develop your leader instinct with your newly acquired leadership competences.

  1. Individual coaching

Le client will have the opportunity to purchase for $700/3 sessions of 1h15, the services of a certified professional coach to continue his personal growth if he chooses to. These services can be delivered in person or through videoconference depending on the location where the services are offered.

  1. Emotional Quotient Inventory EQi 2.0

If the client invests in this solution, an emotional quotient inventory EQi 2.0 will be offered to him. He will receive a link to do his evaluation online. Afterwards, a Leadership Accelerator program certified coach will communicate with him to schedule an individual coaching session of 1h15-1h30 in which he will deliver his confidential results.




9274588 Canada Inc., the client and the coachee understand the following modalities:

1. Program process:

    According to the steps demonstrated in the table above.

    2. Undertaking of 9274588 Canada Inc.:

    1. 9274588 Canada Inc. commits to offer professional services in conformity to the norms recognised by it’s industry.
    2. 9274588 Canada Inc.by the intermediate of online leaning clips, online or in person coaching, strategic hosting, writings and recordings, has the role of training, entertain, accompany and guide the participant to develop his leader instinct and reach his objectives. 9274588 Canada Inc. commits to put the efforts necessary to help and accompany the participant. 9274588 Canada Inc. holds account of ways and not of results. 9274588 Canada Inc. is not responsible for any professional and personal decisions of the participant for the duration of the program and subsequently.
    3. The content can change at any moment and without any notice in order to adapt the program to it’s evolution and to actual important subjects who need to be addressed.
    4. The information given through the online academy comes from reliably proven sources and deemed exact at the moment they are posted. However, it is offered with no guarantee since no control is available from third party websites.
    5. Links offered through the online academy are for your information only and do not constitute a 9274588 Canada Inc. stance towards those websites or links. 9274588 Canada Inc. is not responsible for third party websites content or links in this website and of all changes or updates made to those websites. 9274588 Canada Inc. cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect or special damages or any other damage consequent to the usage of hypertext link to a website. 9274588 Canada Inc. offers these links for your convenience only. Any website other than 9274588 Canada Inc.’s is independent of 9274588 Canada Inc. and 9274588 Canada Inc. has no control over the content of those websites.
    6. A completion certificate will be issued to the participant upon the completion of the program.


    3. Client’s undertaking


    1. The client understands that the results of the program participants depends on their capacity to take action and follow the work plan at the best of their capacities, to communicate clearly and coherently with 9274588 Canada Inc. and take responsibility for the obtained results.
    2. The client commits to facilitate exchanges between the participant and 9274588 Canada Inc.’s coach and to encourage them on all subjects he would need help with or support. It is recognized by all parties that any preoccupations that has not been shared with 9274588 Canada Inc.’s coach cannot be fixed and can undermine reaching targeted objectives.
    3. When it comes to rendered coaching services, the client understands that the coach o the virtual training program will assign tasks for the participant to accomplish in the workshop and will do his best to facilitate its accomplishment.
    4. The client recognises only one access per participant will be granted. He will insure that the participant does not grant access to any third party without 9274588 Canada Inc.’s permission.
    5. The client commits to paying all dues and payable fees by the means and in time frame convened in the present.
    6. The client commits to giving feedback to 9274588 Canada Inc. to bonify the learning and coaching program.


    4. Confidentiality

    1. Workshop contents are strictly confidential. 9274588 Canada Inc. as well as it’s coaches and employees, are held to professional secrecy. By this, they follow the ICF’s (International Coach Federation) code of ethics.
    2. When it comes to coaching services, the coachee accepts that the number of coaching hours is recorded and communicated to the ICF as well as his name and his coordinates for 9274588 Canada Inc.’s coaches accreditations.
    3. 9274588 Canada Inc. is the owner of all presented documents in the academy and hold all copyrights. No parts of this website can be reproduced entirely or in pat by any means possible unless permission was granted by 9274588 Canada Inc.
    4. 9274588 Canada Inc. respects confidential information given by the people that consult the online academy and will not share any personal information for means of distribution or resale for commercial purposes.
    5. Newsletter: the client always has the choice to demand 9274588 Canada Inc. to no longer receive about 9274588 Canada Inc. And its products by indicating it in the ‘’Newsletter’’ section.

    5. Reservations on the nature of coaching, trainings and hosting:

    The client understands that 9274588 Canada Inc. And his coaches/trainers/hosts will not offer psychological or medical advice. Coaches/trainers/hosts will always provide services for which they have been trained and if they find that they cannot help or accompany the participant, they will refer them to the authorised professional who will be in measure to better answer their need.

    1. Travelling and accommodation fees:

    If the client resides outside of Gatineau (Quebec) and prefers the coach to travel for individual or group coaching, or for administrative meetings, additional fees will need to be invoiced according to the chart approved by Revenue Quebec:

    1. Fees will be invoiced for any travelling exceeding 35km from the 9274588 Canada Inc.’s office and this, according to the payable program of $0.54 per KM.
    2. Fees for travelling time and waiting period will be $75 an hour.
    3. At the discretion of the coach, accommodation fees are $150 per night.
    4. Meal expenses (50$ per day)

    7. Delaying and rescheduling of coaching sessions, learning modules and hosting:

      Individual coaching solution oriented:

      1. Coaching session beyond what is planned in the agreement will be invoiced starting at the scheduled time and tardiness will not be compensated.
      2. All cancelled workshops and coaching session less than 48 hours prior to the event will be payable and must be replaced to insure course of the program.

      8. Payment agreement:

      1. Taxes are not included.
      2. 9274588 Canada Inc will invoice 50% of the total amount per participant determinate at the beginning of the service and the following charges and additional fees will be invoiced monthly over 6 months. Trainings completed and achieved by the participants can then be submitted as an expense towards the 1% law.
      3. The client pays the invoice upon reception. The deadline being 15 net days.
      4. If the client is in default of paying the due amounts in conformity to the present, 9274588 Canada Inc.is authorised to cease the service delivery without further notice or delays upon full payment.
      5. It is understood that payment for any access to the online platform ate the expected cost in the present gives access to said platform for a maximum of one (1) year. Any access beyond that period to complete the program will be of $150 for 3 months, per participant, applicable at the invoiced date.

      9. Cancellation of the agreement:

        The participant / client (organisation):

        1. A participant may cancel his training and/or coaching with a 30-day notice.
        2. No reimbursement of payments or deposits will be given back to the client.
        3. Any cancelled training or coaching is transferable to another leader within the organisation who can benefit of the remaining time with a compensation for the months and services missing to the program of said agreement.
        4. In case of non-respect of the 30-day notice by the participant, the client commits to pay 9274588 Canada Inc the full payment for the month during which the training or coaching was cancelled, representing damages and interests caused by the non-respect of the agreed notice.

        The client (organisation):

        1. The client can cancel the agreement with a written 30-day notice.
        2. No reimbursement of payments or deposits will be given back to the client and upcoming payments will be cancelled. The client will however have access to the academy in accordance to received trainings.
        3. If it so happens that 9274588 Canada Inc cannot offer the services within the agreed timeframe, the client will be eligible to be reimbursed in pro rata of received trainings.
        4. In case of non-respect of the 30-day notice by the participant, the client commits to pay 9274588 Canada Inc the full payment for the month during which the training or coaching was cancelled, representing damages and interests caused by the non-respect of the agreed notice.

        9274588 Canada Inc.:

        1. 9274588 Canada Inc. can at any moment terminate the present agreement if they judge necessary and without notice period. The client will be reimbursed according to the incomplete work and workshops.

        10. Warranty:

        1. Shall the participant not be satisfied; 9274588 Canada Inc. will offer to the client a satisfaction warranty or money back. The conditions are for the participant to receive their ‘’Leadership Accelerator Program’’ certification (page 1 entire process), must mention in writing to his coach and human resources the reason he is not satisfied at least once per module, allowing them to find a solution to accommodate all parties, such as offer addition coaching, transfer the licence to someone else, etc. If at the end of his path the participant is not satisfied by the program, 9274588 Canada Inc. will be under the obligation to reimburse the client for the concerned modules of the participant.
        2. Since charges will increase after the launching period of 9274588 Canada Inc., 9274588 Canada Inc. will honor the costs for a period of 12 months by signing up before July 1st, 2018. This clause will be null for any registration after this date.

        11. General requirements:

        1. Parties recognise that they are independent from one another and have no intentions to create a corporation.
        2. Each party represents that they have the authority, the licenses and the capacity to commit in virtue of the contract and to conform to its described obligations.
        3. The guarantees contained in the contract are the only ones the parties consent to.
        4. The parties represent that the contract reflects faithfully the agreement reached in relations to the services.
        5. 9274588 Canada Inc. manages its website in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada and the client recognises that the terms of use of this website as well as all actions or procedures relative to this website will be registered by the Province of Quebec and/or Canada laws, according to what is applicable.
        6. The parties disregard the application of article 2125 CCQ and limit anticipated reciliation cases as per the present describes.

        12. Agreement and starting date:

          By paying the invoice, the client automatically accepts the terms and conditions of the present agreement. This agreement stats as soon as the invoice is payed and will terminate 365 day after, unless cancelled in accordance with the present.